Corporate Counseling

Howard O. Bernstein, P.C. offers counseling to individuals who plan to establish a business. We offer entity packages for everything your corporation, S Corporation, or LLC/Partnership will need to get started, including drafting the Articles of Incorporation or Organization, obtaining an Employer Identification Number for the entity, and preparing necessary entity documentation. Of course, since the first step is to determine which of the entity structures is best for you and your company, we thoroughly explain your options and make this process as simple as possible. We also act as registered agent for many of the entities we create.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Howard O. Bernstein, P.C. commonly represents both target companies and acquirers of varied size in technical mergers and acquisitions. We offer sophisticated advice and counsel at all stages of a merger or acquisition, from term sheet to closing and everything in between. We have experience with a variety of acquisition structures. We also have relationships with experienced appraisers who can value your business in preparation of a merger or acquisition. Howard O. Bernstein, P.C. also has extensive experience with split-off and carve-out transactions. These types of transactions are especially valuable for a company where the shareholders can no longer work together and want to go their separate ways without unnecessary tax implications. We also pride ourselves on our accessibility; M & A transactions can be complex, lengthy and stressful, so we make ourselves completely available to clients to answer any questions they may have or to ameliorate their concerns.

Corporate Finance

At Howard O. Bernstein, P.C., we counsel companies large and small on the intricacies and risks associated with corporate and entity financing. The most important part of our Corporate Finance practice is our focus on the needs of the individual client and their business. Every company is different. At Howard O. Bernstein, P.C., we listen intently to the needs of a particular business and the goals and desires of its shareholders, partners or owners. Whether it be via debt or equity financing or a hybrid of the two, Howard O. Bernstein, P.C. can help you adequately develop your company’s capital structure. We also have extensive experience with Angel and Venture Capital Financing and regularly advise clients in this regard.

Intellectual Property

As part of our goal of providing a full range of corporate and business advice and counsel, we handle complex licensing issues, source code escrow agreements, and other transactions that help businesses protect their most valuable assets.

Non-Profit Corporations

We assist clients from start to finish with the creation of a Colorado Non-Profit Corporation. We also assist with the application to the Internal Revenue Service for tax exempt status.

International Business Transactions

As the global economy expands, more Colorado-based businesses find themselves doing business overseas. The options are numerous: outsourcing, manufacturing, distribution, technology transfers, e-commerce, joint ventures, and so forth. Colorado companies can export their services and products or set up shop in other countries. Our office can guide you through the important issues to consider when doing business overseas.


Howard O. Bernstein, P.C. can provide expert consultation and service with regard to a wide variety of securities questions and needs. We have experience with preparing documentation for the sale or purchase of securities, creating Special Purpose Acquisition Companies, registering securities with State and Federal agencies, conducting Initial Public Offerings, preparing and filing ongoing securities disclosures for public companies, and establishing companies on public markets. We can assist with all aspects of creating and maintaining a public company.