We represent Home Owners Associations (HOAs) boards and owners in matters involving the Colorado Common Interest Ownership Act (CCIOA) as well as other matters including construction defects, municipal code violations, and tenant issues. We represent clients in quiet title matters, boundary and easement matters and various other property disputes. Changing titles to or from joint tenancy or tenants in common, even between family members, can have consequences most homeowners do not anticipate, including some tax ramifications. We advise on optimal forms of holding title for probate avoidance, planning, family transfers or transfers to LLCs or trusts.


With the booming rental market in recent years, especially in a college town such as Boulder, landlord/tenant disputes are on the rise. The disputes can relate to leases/contracts, discrimination and fair housing matters, property damage, security deposits, lease terminations, among others. We welcome representation of both property owners and renters alike to find mutually acceptable resolutions between the parties.